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Summer hair hacks & the products you need!

Summer 19' is upon us! We've waited a long winter for this and it's finally here! Time for vacation, long days in the sun, playing in the pool, and unfortunately not the best conditions for your hair's health. Dont worry, we have you covered for all the products & hacks you need to know to have awesome hair all summer long.

1. Use a good leave in spray!

Summer is a great time to let your natural beauty shine, and that includes your hair. A good leave-in conditioner will work overtime to nourish and hydrate your hair while you are out in the sun, and will leave your natural hair to dry silky, hydrated, and frizz free. Think of it as a daily dose of vitamins for your hairs health!

What do we recommend?

Superfoods Natural Haircare's Coconut Milk Leave-In Spray. Enriched with Vitamin E supplement, chia seed protein, and hydrating oil, it actively works to moisturize and protect your hair against heat and UVA/UVB rays. Plus, it smells like vacation in a bottle.

2. Use a color-protectant!

No time of the year fades hair color quite like the summer. Between the sun, chlorine, salt, etc., you may find your color dull and lackluster after a week at the beach. Fortunately, technology is on your side, and a good color protectant will shield your color from the evil forces of summer fadeage.

What do we recommend?

L'anza's Color Guard Spray. It extends the life of your color by up to 107%. Using the power of 'Flower Shield Complex' (a specialized blend of flower extracts designed to shield hair and prevent fadeage, with echinacea, cornflower, green orchid, rose, calendula, hibiscus and white gardenia) water guard protection, and UV blockers, this spray is a 1-2 punch to free radicals and color fadeage. Simply spray on before you shower, get in the pool, or get in the ocean, and spray after. Color guard seals the hair from water and sun and boom, your hair is living it's best life. You use sun screen on your skin, why not your hair?

3. Get a clarifying treatment at the salon! (and take home what your stylist recommends!)

A lot of time in the pool can lead to that gummy, brittle feeling hair gets after too much chlorine exposure. And let's not forget about that lovely shade of pale green that you definitely aren't going to sport once the fall rolls around. Make a reservation for a good clarifying treatment at the salon! How can you prevent a lot of the negative affects of pool and ocean water? Take home a recommended clarifying shampoo and conditioner! Treat that hair at home in between salon visits for maximum hair health!

What do we recommend?

A Malibu Swimmer's Wellness Treatment in salon! This deep penetrating treatment removes extreme build up on salt and chlorine, using a blend of medical grade ingredients to restore hair back to its glory! Take home the Malibu Swimmer's Wellness shampoo & conditioner to maintain at home!

4. Dry oil spray!

It gets hot, it gets humid, and your hair gets crazy. Oil isn't always portable or practical, and can sometimes be a bit too heavy. Never fear, dry oil spray is here! An aerosol version that gives you a buildable, light mist of oil to calm that frizzy angry hair back into sleek submission.

What do we recommend?

Kenra Dry Oil Spray. With a nourishing oil blend and light to medium hold, this spray is a fly-aways worst nightmare. Plus, in a travel size, keep it in your beach bag or purse all summer so you never have to fear.

5. Anti-Humidity Spray!

The best defense is a good offense. Stop frizz and puff before it starts by using an anti-humidity spray.

What do we recommend?

R+Co's Moonlanding Spray. This lightwei

ght, aerosol spray controls frizz and absorbs instantly leaving a controlled satin finish and flexible hold. Tames flyaways and is designed to work in the toughest humidity!

Find ALL of these products here at LMS!

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