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10 questions (and answers) about Balayage!

Balayage is undeniably one of the hottest hair trends at the moment,

and for good reason. It is my favorite technique for coloring hair, and I often get a lot of questions about what it is, why it's so popular, and if it's right for you. Today, let's talk about the 10 most frequently asked questions, and my answers!

1) What is it?

Balayage is a french word meaning "to sweep". It is a technique that utilizes a sweeping motion to hand-paint specific parts of the hair based on the desired final result.

2) What makes it different from other coloring methods?

I like to compare Balayage to highlighting, the main difference between the two being that Balayage gives the client a sun-kissed effortless look, whereas highlights will be starker, and typically used for all over lightening.

3) What makes it different from an Ombre?

An ombre has a harsher line of demarcation rather than balayage, which is a very soft subtle blended look. Balayage is painted on the surface of the hair creating more dimension. Whereas ombre is saturated thoughout the ends.

4) What is the upkeep like?

The great thing about Balayage is it naturally gives the client that

soft, grown out look, making the upkeep very minimal. I normally recommend that my clients come in for a refresh every 10 weeks. However, I also recommend coming into the salon in the interim for a glaze to keep the tone right where we want it. Another crucial step in upkeep is the right products. For my blonde balayage clients I always send them home with a blonde toning shampoo and conditioner, a few of my favorites being the R + CO Sunset Blvd Shampoo and Conditioner and the Celeb Luxury Gem Lights Conditioner.

5) How long will you be in the salon?

This is kind of a loaded question because it depends on so many different factors. The most important being your hair's color history. For example, if you have very dark brown hair and want to be an icy blonde but have layers of box color on the hair, you will be in the salon for 6 plus hours, and maybe for multiple sessions before achieving the desired look you want. The second most important factor would be the integrity of the hair. If the hair is compromised I will require an Olaplex treatment before I balayage the hair. The Olaplex treatment repairs the bonds in damaged hair to keep it strong during the lightening process. The next factor in how long you will be in the salon, is the density of the hair. If you have a lot of hair the time it will take when all is said and done will be much longer than someone with less dense hair. The last factor is the desired look. If you want a super blonde result it could potentially take longer for the hair to get to that level rather then someone that wants a very subtle sunkissed look. Always plan to be in the salon for at least 3

plus hours.

6) Is it damaging to the hair?

Just like any color service , there is the risk of slight damage to the hair. However, I utilize the best resources available to me to ensure the integrity of the hair. Again, I cannot stress the importance of at-home care enough.

7) Is it suitable for all ages, hair lengths, and types?

For the most part, yes. balayage doesn't always translate well to super short cuts because there isn't enough length for it to have that grown out effect. If you are someone the prefers to wear your hair straight every day balayage works for you but you wont necessarily see the depths of dimension as you would if you were to curl the hair. Do you struggle with styling your hair at home? No problem! I will walk you through achieving those oh-so trendy beach waves that are perfect for showing off your gorgeous new balayage!

8) Why do I prefer to do balayage?

Balayage is my favorite service to do in the salon by far! I enjoy the creativity and the control that I get over my results by hand painting the hair. I prefer to do it over other color services because I truly feel as if it is one of the only colors that looks amazing even when the hair is growing out. I love the versatility that this technique provides me. I can make the hair as subtle or as bold as desired.

9) What is my individual approach?

Because its a hand painted technique, you as the client want to make sure you are working with someone who truly specializes in it. When my client sits in my chair, before I start my application I think about my clients every day look and wear, and then correlate that into my placement. With that being said, I normally always paint around the face as high up as possible creating more light around there hairline. That technique is also amazing for people that wear there hair up creating light around the face rather then having a band of depth. I love to take "V" sections and then paint the strand in a "V", this created depth on the bottom of the section that wasn't touched by the lighter making it more dimensional when the hair is curled.

10) How much does it cost?

Your hair is an investment so be prepared to spend a little more on this service. You can always check our menu for pricing or better yet, call and schedule a consultation with me! Can't wait to see you in the salon and create the perfect, custom balayage!

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