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Trend Alert: 5 fall/winter hair trends you'll want to try!

Summer time is coming to a close ladies and gentlemen, and fall is quite literally around the corner. So, what better time to try things out and play with your look than the symbolic start of a brand new season? We have scoured style forecasts to bring to you, the hottest hair trends of fall 2018...and I think you might wanna try a few.

Fortunately, it looks as though this seasons trends are focused on embracing your natural beauty, and were seeing a lot of 'messy' & 'unkempt' styles gracing the runways of top designers, with the industry leaning towards working with natural texture. So whether you've got fine & thin hair, or big & frizzy, this is the season of loving what you got and making it chic! *happy dance*

#1: Messy Buns.

I know what you're thinking 'that's been around forever.' And you are right! The messy bun has playfully been referred to as "the red lipstick of the hair world" for not only it's versatility and utilitarian nature, but for its ability to give the wearer that sense of considerate effortlessness. This season saw a lot of slicked back hair, erupting into a messy, piecey bun for a nice contrast.

Chanel Fall/Winter 2018 Show

#2: Wet & Wild.

The slightly undone, slick, just got out of the pool wet look took runways by storm this year, and is predicted to be even bigger this fall for ready-to-wear hair! Whether sleek and slicked back or tousled to offhand, aqueous perfection, wet head is in!

Prada 2018

#3: Creative Chignon-esque and Knotted Styles.

Tradition be gone! Fall/Winter hair trends are seeing a lot of playful, sometimes whimsical takes on this classic style. Knotted twists & braids are coming out to play in new ways, with a style that can take you from day to night easily! Again, the name of the game this season is texture, so no need to strive for polished perfection with these!

Stella Jean Fall 2018 Show

Bella Hadid

Cannes Film Festival 2018

#4: Disheveled, Flowy Waves

It's typical to see sleek straight hair for the fall and winter months, but not this year. Loose, natural looking waves are not only easy to accomplish, but require minimal if any heat to the hair, giving it a very necessary break! If you are blessed with hair that dries naturally into the quintessential boho wave, then lucky you! For the rest of us, after you've showered, pop those tresses into 2 braids and sleep on it. Brush it out in the morning and apply a little product (if you need it) and rock this no-fuss trend!

Balmain & Jill Stuart Ready-to-Wear Fall 2018

#5: Braids

But not just any braids. This season is all about sophisticated yet artistic, simple and whimsical, or complex, multi-layered braids. (really any braid you can dream up) Braids can add extra 'oomph' to any look, be it boho or edgy, you can rock this style hundreds of ways.

Raquel Allegra & Ulla Johnson

Fall/Winter 2018

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