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8 tips to give that hair more body!

Volume challenged hair is a thing. It's a big thing actually and trust us, we know how frustrating it can be...we hear it all the time. In fact, it's on the top 5 "things I hate about my hair" list. How can you fake a fuller look you wonder? Here are 8 easy tips and tricks to giving your hair all that gorgeous body honey!

1. Utilizing the right products. Products are amazing and work wonders, but only if you use them the correct way and in the correct order.

- Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner combo. Here's the trick- shampoo at the roots and really scrub. Remove any product buildup or oil that is weighing your hair down. Condition CORRECTLY! My ladies with fine hair- you do not need to be conditioning at the root! Conditioner will only serve to make that hair lay flat. Condition through your ends and rinse it out thoroughly!

*Pro Tip: Try R+Co's 'Analog" cleansing foam conditioner! This lightweight formula is perfect for keeping that hair bouncy.

- Should you use a volume spray, root booster, or thickening foam? It's all about the hair you have and the hair you want to achieve. A volume spray, like R+Co's 'Dallas' is perfect for someone with medium to long hair, who is looking for big Texas volume! It adds body and shine, but may be a bit too heavy for someone with extra fine hair. A root boost, like L'anza's 'Root Effects' is a mousse formula that lifts and supports the hair at the root, and adds a strong hold. Perfect for hair that can't seem to hold a style throughout the day. A thickening foam, like R+Co's 'Rodeo Star' is perfect for someone with fine to medium hair of any length. This non-sticky formula adds density to the hair throughout and gives dramatic volume

- Use a dry shampoo at the root to give the hair some grit, and structure to hold volume, especially on day 2 or 3 hair! R+Co offers several different dry shampoo types (aerosol spray, powder spray, and paste, depending on your hair type, and styling preferences.

*Pro Tip: Grab a mini 'Death Valley' dry shampoo and keep it in your purse for root touch ups throughout the day!

2. Color! Not only does color plump the hair shaft, giving you a bit more fullness, it can also be applied using several different techniques that add the illusion of thickness. Contrast between colors can give you the look of fullness by tricking the eye!

3. It's all in the blow dry. When blowing out your hair (after you've added your holy grail volumizing product of course), make sure you are lifting the hair up and away from the scalp and your face. Allow the hair to cool that way too- meaning, don't do all that arm work of lifting, if you are going to drop the hair and brush it back down while it's still hot! Using a round brush is always optimal, but this can be done with your fingers. Up & Out people!

4. Switch up the part. Now, this little trick does not always work for everyone, but it is worth the try. Those of you who wear the same part day in and day out, might notice that your hair lays flatter there. Why? It's trained too. Try switching up your part to add a bit more fullness at the root.

5. Take it old school, and back comb. But please, don't go crazy. Here's how to do it without damaging it. The key is to not use too much force, and avoid aggressive back and forth movements. Using your brush or comb, start in the middle of the hair shaft and lightly brush towards your scalp to add a little height.

6. Try a shorter cut with fewer layers. A blunt bob is the perfect cut for thin hair. Blunt lines add the illusion of volume, by making the hair appear denser at the bottom. Over-layering the hair is a sure fire way to make that hair look thinner! Talk to your stylist about the haircut most flattering for you!

7. Extensions aren't always for length. This is an easy concept- add more hair to your head and make it look thicker! Our hotheads tape in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, that react the same way your hair naturally does!

8. Try Biotin or Collagen. Supplements and powders containing Biotin or Collagen have been proven to work with many people - and not so much for others. Do your research when it comes to brands and claims, it could be something that works for you!

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