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So you wanna be a blonde? Read this first!

Love her or hate her- it's undeniable that Kim K (and well, all the Kardashians really) have a HUGE impact on trends in fashion & beauty. So when the naturally brunette Kim shocked us all by going platinum blonde, naturally more than a few women were ready to follow suit. We know this request and we know it well- "Make me a blonde!"

Now, as much as we would all like to tell you that it can happen just like that, nice & easy, that just ain't the truth. If you are considering going blonde, here are some things you need to consider before heading into the salon for your appointment.

Consultation is key.

There are a plethora of factors to take into consideration when you are going blonde (don't worry, we will touch on all of them). We don't expect you to be well versed in all these things, because frankly, that's what were here for! But to ensure that you and your stylist are on the same page, make sure you come in for a consultation, even before scheduling your service. Bring inspiration photos! And hopefully the rest of this post will help you narrow down what you want a bit better. If you are naturally dark, going blonde will be a journey. A consultation will allow your stylist to map out the road ahead and lay out your transition plan.

Be Patient.

Going blonde is a several appointment process. Our number one priority is always going to be the health of your hair. No one's hair can handle going dark to light in one sitting, plain and simple. And it probably won't happen in 2 appointments either so bear that in mind. The long and short of it is you won't reach your ideal hair goals in your first session. Be patient. Trust the process and trust your stylist!

Be Realistic.

What you have in mind might not be entirely possible for your hair for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have years of box dye accumulated (which will require a color correction before you can start the process--but so worth it!) maybe your hair doesn't lift (lighten) as much as you'd hope, so some lighter shades might not be in the cards for you. Don't let that deter you! There are tons of shades of blonde. Your stylist can tell you what works for you (think about skin tone, eye color, etc.) Part of being realistic about this process means that inevitably your hair will reach tones that aren't-how should we put this- to dye for (get it?) There is always going to be a brassy phase on your way to platinum perfection and its just something you'll have to live with for a short while girlfriend. Talk to your stylist about toning, how color fades etc.

Your at home hair care regimine will have to change.

Going blonde is an intense chemical process, and requires some extra TLC for your hair. Your stylist will recommend a good color safe sulfate free shampoo, possibly a purple shampoo/conditioner to combat brass at home. A good once weekly treatment (think uberliss) will be necessary to keep that hair in good shape too! Consider this: if you make the investment to go blonde but don't invest in your hair care, its like going to the doctor but refusing the meds. This leads me to another point- you'll need in-salon treatment as well. While you are here, your stylist will more than likely use Uberliss, our bond regenerator system, to keep that hair in tact. It is an extra cost but 100% necessary to fight off breakage and

blown out, over processed hair.

It's an investment.

You've heard the saying : "Cheap _____ ain't good & good ______ ain't cheap!" (insert whatever you'd this case it's hair) This journey will be an investment. It may require a different approach each appointment depending on how the hair handles, how the growth process has treated it, the condition of your hair, etc. This could mean a slight difference in price when it comes time for your appointment. It will be pricey to get to where your going (depending on the end goal) but once you've arrived, it will all be worth it!

Keep an open mind & trust your stylist.

Here's the skinny: we know what were doing & we only want the best for you. As I mentioned before, what you have in mind might have to shift a little bit. That's ok! You can still be blonde! Your stylist will cover all the bases with you to make sure you achieve as close to your dream blonde as possible. Keep the lines of communication open.

Have an idea of what kind of look you want to achieve.

Below We have a comprehensive list of just a few of todays most on-trend coloring services for blondes. Looking for reference photos? We got you girl. There is a link to our Pinterest at the end of this post where you can find inspiration photos for each term!

1. Babylights

Imagine never-been-colored , little girl hair. Babylights give you those natural, baby fine highlights that add natural dimension and a sun kissed effect. The best part- low maintenance grow out.

2. Shadow Root

Looks like it sounds. Natural all over highlights, with the bulk of the hair being lightened, and a blended shadow effect at the root.

3. Balayage

The one that's hard to pronounce. And no wonder-it's french! It literally means to swipe. This technique involves free handed hair painting for a blended look with a lot of highs and lows, giving you the look of a natural grow out. Balayage is low maintenance, and maintains its effect throughout the beginning of the grow out period.

4. Money Piece

This is a face framing front highlight that is either higher placed or larger than the other highlights but it is always bright. It's your money piece! The best part of this is- you can ask for it in tandem with another service, i.e "I want a balayage with a nice money piece"

Now, I know that was a lot of information. Breathe. In fact, smile...because now you know what you want and you know what it will take! No surprises for you! Blonde is beautiful, we can all agree on that. So gather up those inspo pics and give us a call! Let's start this journey!

For inspiration pics, head over to our pinterest!

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