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The busy girls guide to great hair

Who doesn't feel crazy busy these days? Between school, work, the gym, traveling, and whatever else there may be, you do not have to let your hair and your look suffer! It's totally possible for you to prioritize your hair health and achieve a gorgeous style even when time runs short.

The Gym

Let's face it, we all get sweaty when were workin' on our fitness. Especially if you are a hat wearer at the gym. Chances are you are washing your hair way more than you normally would because of it, causing it to dry out. For you, moisture is your best friend. Keep L'anza's 'Moi Moi Masque in your gym bag and use in place of your conditioner once a week for a heavy dose of hydration to your depleted locks. It only takes 3 minutes to begin to reap the benefits of this miracle masque so toss it on in the shower and by the time you lather the rest of you, your hair is back to life!


Does work have you plane hopping? Chances are your hair is being exposed to all kinds of different climates and humidity levels causing it to frizz out and become unmanageable and dull. R+Co's tinsel is your new go-to. This smoothing serum is lightweight and can be applied to either damp or dry hair. The oils absorb into each hair shaft and make your mane smoother, sleeker, and more luminous without the weigh down or greasy effect some oils give. Plus, its only 2 ounces so pop that baby in your carry on and travel with ease!


Being a student means struggling to find balance. Between studying, going to class, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a social life, self care might take a back seat....but it doesn't have to! Use R+Co's death valley dry shampoo to extend your look for an extra day (or 2, no judgements here). Unlike other dry shampoo's that just absorbs oil and may leave a white cast on your hair, Death Valley adds conditioning agents back into the hair, giving you a matte look where it counts, and incredible shine and body where you want it, with NO white residue. Yep! It's a completely clear formula. So go ahead, get that extra hour of sleep, you deserve it.


Let's be real for a minute. Somtimes after a crazy packed work week, you just don't have the time or energy to blow out and style your hair they way you'd like to. And that's ok, because R+Co's High Dive is here for you. This creme is formulated to moisturize, soften, and drown out frizz while adding incredible shine to your do'. All you have to do to reap these benefits is apply the product to damp hair, allow it to air dry, give it a good brush and you are good to go!

Remember, the foundation for healthy hair and the perfect style lies within your health habits, and start in the shower! Your shampoo and conditioner will lay the ground work for the hair of your dreams (even if you don't have all the time in the world) Stop by the salon any time and any one of our talented professionals will be happy to recommend the best pair for your specific hair type and needs!

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