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Game Changer.

The wonderful women that make up LMSG are a group of creatives that are constantly inspired to continue to grow as artists, and as professionals. The cornerstone of success is education, and we believe that can never come in short supply. We have a lot of awesome education coming up throughout the spring and summer, and wanted YOU to be as excited as WE are, for all the amazing skills we are going to bring back home to you.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: All the stylist's recently completed their L'Anza color certification courses, making them all officially L'Anza color experts!

Q: What was the benefit of completing your certification?

A: "Not all color lines are the same, and after completing my certification course I've learned how versatile the L'anza color line really is. Mixing colors to create more detailed tones and shades was the biggest take a way for me. I'm happy to offer a customized color for each client."-Alex

The girls are heading to the Fashion Focus Mid-atlantic event next week. Taking classes and attending demo's from industry leaders in virtually every category of hairdressing.

Q: What are you most excited for at the fashion focus event?

A: "Men's cuts are some of my favorites to do. I'm excited for the men's classes because I want to step up my barbering game and take men's grooming here at the salon to the next level!" -Melissa

Then, the ladies will be headed to the the Vidal Sassoon academy throughout spring/summer in NYC for an intensive 3-day course in the touchstone techniques of cutting in one of the most iconic academies for hair.

Q: What are you hoping to bring back to the client after taking class at the Sassoon Academy?

A: "I am so excited to take class at Sassoon. Precision cuts are my speciality, and being in a hands on environment where I can learn

more detailed techniques about precision cutting from some of the best educators is going to be amazing. Honing my craft and being the best stylist I can be is always my priority, and It'll show in your cut!" -Aubrey

As many of you have seen, we just got a new line on the shelves here (and we are obsessed with it) We have R+Co educators coming to the salon in early April to show us all the posibilites of this killer line!

Keep up to date with all that we are doing on our instagram! @lillymaritzasalon

Keep an eye out for some IG takeovers at all our upcoming education events!

-The Girls of LMSG

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