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NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Uberliss & why we love it!

Here at LMSG, we are always striving to provide you with the best of the best. We recently made a decision to switch our bond regenerators from Olaplex to Uberliss and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Heres Why:

  • It is comprised of 3 steps (and one take home step) that work synergistically to retain your hair's strength and resilience during color services

  • This system allows the hair to maintain 98% of it's tensile strength, EVEN after lifting your hair at the highest level! (going SUPER blonde)

  • It allows for better color retention

  • ELIMINATES frizz and makes your hair sleek and shiny while rebuilding it's bonds and protecting it from serious damage

  • Uses crosslink technology to fortify your hair from the inside out, remedying damage caused by chemical services

Basically, look at is as an insurance policy for the health of your hair!

Better yet, it can be used as a stand alone treatment to effectively reverse damage each session.

The bond sustainer is your take home treatment. Used once a week (or otherwise directed by your stylist) for 10-20 minutes, it keeps your hair healthy and strong by restoring the hair's bonds and strengthening it's elasticity.

For more information on Uberliss, ask your stylist!

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