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Why I love L'anza!

L'anza is called the healing haircare line for a reason, it offers amazing benefits for your hair! It provides luminous color and resorative properties that are one of a kind!

L'anza formulated some seriously break through science with their Color attachment technology. This technology is made up of the keratin healing system and Flower shield complex. I know I know.... ya'll are probably thinking "Aubrey, I don't know what any of that means!" Well Im here to break it down for you and share some of the science behind this AMAZING line!

Keratin Healing System- this system heals the hair by adding back MOISTURE, PROTEIN and MINERALS during the color service. (Incase you didn't know hair is made up of Protein, Moisture, lipid oils, Pigment, Minerals and carbohydrates) The Keratin Healing System is infused with potent doses of...

KERATIN AMINO ACIDS- Key structural protein in hair and nails

MEADOWFOAM FLOWER SEED COMPLEX- essential lipids for proper hydration

UVA, UVB, and UVC Protection- aka Sun protection

PCA- extraordinary humectants that maintain moisture and

replenish the necessary minerals lost during the chemical processing.

Flower Shield Complex- This is a special blend of flower extracts that are actually designed to shield the hair from UV rays that cause your color to fade! This complex contains the same anti-fade protectors that flowers use to protect their color! There are 7 flower extracts that make up this complex. Inde

pendent studies have proven that this complex extends color life up to 107% longer! YES you read that correctly.... 107%! Pretty cool huh!?

So when we tell you its an AMAZING product...its because it is!

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