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Tips & Tricks For Healthy Hair This Winter

During the winter months, our hair can start to do some crazy things. Below is a list of quick tips and tricks for keeping your hair healthy during the harsh winter!

1. Invest in a good deep conditioner, or have weekly deep conditioning treatments done at the salon. The combination of the bitter cold air and the dry heat can have leave your hair dehydrated. We recommend The L'anza Moi Moi or Keratin Healing Masks as take home alternatives to in salon deep conditioning treatments.

2. Use cool water in the shower when rinsing your hair! It is more than tempting to turn the water all the way up to high, but this will only further strip the hair and scalp of essential moisturizing oils.

3. Cut down on how much you wash your hair. Shampooing your hair at a minimum throughout the week will prevent it from drying out.

4. Avoid over styling. Give your hair time to breathe by using a nice leave in conditioner throughout the day instead of intensive styling.

5. Keep in under wraps! Try to wear a hat when braving the elements.

6. Static? Dry conditioner is an excellent alternative to a heavy oil, and can help tame the static frizz! We recommend the VERB ghost dry oil or the Amika Dry Conditioner.

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