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Healing Treatments & Why You Should Be Doing Them!

Lilly MaRitza Salon & Gallery offers a variety of deep healing treatments to repair and restore the hair from a variety of factors. You can add any of these treatments to an already scheduled service, or you can simply stop by for a stand-alone treatment! But which one is right for you? Today we break down for you each treatment, what it does, how long it takes, and what kind of hair it benefits! The bottom of this post will have details on how to book these treatments online so scroll down for more info.!

Keratin Oil Emergency Service

This is L'anza's most potent hair healing system. Based on Tissue Engineering Technology, this dual phase thermal therapy treatment restores even the most damaged hair's strength, resilience, and shine.

How Long? : 20 minutes

Who For?: Critically damaged hair. Be it from chemical processing, or excessive heat damage.

How to maintain at home?: The L'anza Keratin Oil Mask is a great in-shower treatment to prolong the results of the emergency service.

Ultimate Treatment

A 3 step customized healing service with dramatic results. Step one soothes and restores health to the scalp. Natural purifiers eliminate flakes and other impurities. Step two is an advanced nutrient rich deep treatment that delivers powerful vitamins and proteins back into the hair. Moisture, Volume, or Strength boosters are added to target your specific hair needs. Step three is a power protector sealant that acts as both a leave-in conditioner and ph balancer, and a shield against damaging elements like heat, chemicals, pollution, free radicals, and environmental aggressors.

How Long?: 15 minutes

Who For?: Anyone suffering from dry, rough, depleted hair, fine & thin hair, weak & fragile hair, or an overly flaky, itchy scalp.

How to maintain at home?: Your stylist will recommend the best pairing shampoo & conditioner for long lasting results.

Uberliss Treatment

A 3 part in-salon, one part at home bond regenerating service that repairs the hair via nano emulsion technology. This treatment increases the hair's elasticity by a whopping 98%, reinforces new bonds in the hair adding strength to hair weakened by chemical damage, and leaves the hair soft & silky. Add it to your chemical service in the salon to protect the hair from damage while coloring!

How Long?: 30 minutes (or in between processing time)

Who for?: Chemically treated hair, or thinning, fragile, weak hair.

How to maintain at home?: Take home the Bond Sustainer and use once a week for 10 minutes or more.

Swimmer's Treatment

Summer is on the way and that means long days spent at the pool & beach. This deep clarifying treatment removes the harsh effects of chlorine, rids the hair of salt build up, and restores the hair from hard water damage. Followed up by a deep hydrating conditioner to restore moisture into the hair and scalp, you'll leave feeling refreshed.

How Long?: 10 minutes

Who for?: Swimmers, or anyone who has spent significant time in the pool or ocean.

How to maintain at home?: Take home R+Co's Oblivion Shampoo & Conditioner to combat the build up!

Palm Springs Treatment

A pre-shampoo foaming mask that repairs hair thats been worn out from heat styling & chemical processing. Using a soothing cocktail of oils, butters, & extracts, this service leaves hair shiny, hydrated, and smooth.

How Long?: 10 minutes

Who for?: Hair that looks & feels dull & run down.

How to maintain at home?: Take home palm springs and use once a week to maintain results.

Hawaiian Hot Towel Treatment

This quick fix treatment infuses healing polynesian botanicals into the hair for a shot of moisture!

How Long?: 5-10 minutes (depending on the hair)

Who For?: Anyone with thick coarse hair, dry, limp hair, or overall dull hair. Great in the summer months.

How to maintain at home?: Take home L'anza's Moi Moi Masque and use one to two times weekly to keep the moisture levels up!

You can book anyone of these treatments online under the service provider "Backbar"! Click the link in our menu 'Online Reservations' and come in anytime! Or call the salon at 443 574 8986!

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