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Makeup Hacks for summer!

This time of year is my favorite! Proms and weddings are some of the most fun for me as a makeup artist, and the time when I typically get the most questions from my clients about makeup tips for the hot summer months ahead. The temperatures alone make wearing makeup difficult at times and hey, if you don't have to...then just let your bare face breathe! But, for the days you need a little extra coverage, here are some tips on prolonging the wear of your makeup during the hot and humid summer months:

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN. You should be doing this everyday, no matter the season, but especially in the summer! Good makeup starts with a healthy base (i.e your precious skin) so make sure it's taken care of!

2. Try a BB or CC Cream. If you don't have to wear foundation, or don't want the heaviness that sometimes comes along with wearing foundation, these 2 products could be right up your alley. BB cream provides you with some coverage, evens out skin texture, and includes beneficial ingredients like sunscreen and anti oxidants (depending on the brand.) A CC cream is a lot like it's counterpart, but adds in the benefit of color correction. A CC cream will still give you that sheer light coverage, but works to cover up redness, sallowness, dark circles, etc.

3. If even those are a little too heavy, or a little too much for you, invest in a good tinted moisturizer!

4. For foundation wearers- a primer will save your life! Look for a primer marketed as "mattefying" "poreless" etc. to ensure it will fight against the oils and sweat your face produces throughout the day! *Added bonus: A finishing spray! Especially a nice hydrating one that seals in your makeup! Take it with you for an added boost of moisture to freshen your face up throughout the day!

5. Dewey skin is a summer staple. Skip the setting powder and dab some liquid highlight all over the high points of your face for a perfect summer glow!

6. Exfoliate your lips once a week! Find a good lip scrub and make sure you spend some time on those babies once a week. Your lips get dried out and sun damaged in the summer. Exfoliation followed up by a good dose of hydration, and a good lip balm throughout the day will combat those flaky painful lips.

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